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"A passionate, professional and friendly coach!

A year ago, I had a shoulder rotation issue, that could not get fixed with any of my physiotherapists. Luckily I met Zafari! He carefully analyzed my shoulder muscles, directly spotted the defects, and clearly explained the cause. With his shoulder rotation exercises I've been able to stop the pain within 2 months and continue working out like nothing happened.



"I highly recommend Coach Zafari!!! I had such a great time training with him, he really kept me motivated and helped me to push my limits. He has such a positive energy and was always helpful with my questions. He has great knowledge that he is willing to pass on so now I can confidently work out myself.
Im utterly grateful and it was a great decision to choose him as my personal trainer! Again, highly-highly recommended."


"After years of exercising myself, I started personal training at Zafari Coaching in February 2022 to grow in size. After communicating my wishes, a plan was made. Trainings are very nice because you are immediately corrected on posture when necessary and until you realize it. You will receive a clear schedule with your weekly exercises and nutrition. This resulted in me being able to train the right muscle groups in the right way independently quite quickly and starting to see results. I recommend everyone to get acquainted with Zafari Coaching if you want to train in a targeted manner."


"I've been doing workouts with Parwiz for several months now and I am amazed at the progress I have made! I'm hitting goals I never thought were even possible for myself!

Parwiz combines a great amount of knowledge and insights in weight lifting and makes all required the steps to make progress with my workouts very actionable.

I have gained so much in-depth advise on my lifting techniques in a short span of time, even while I have been lifting weights for a significant number of years. Parwiz invests a great deal of time in getting to know your specific goals, time table and physical restrictions so that the personal training we do becomes a tailor-made experience.

Apart from that he is a great person to train together with, which makes the whole investment in and experience of personal training all the more worth while. I highly recommend taking on personal training with Parwiz to shift your progress up several gears!"




"I had a fantastic experience Parwiz! It was my first time going to PT and regularly to the gym. He made me consistent, keeping me on track with a well-structured routine and helping me form healthy habits. His support and knowledge made a significant impact on my fitness journey, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer who will take the time to explain things and work on a plan that suits you’re needs. Highly recommend!"


"I trained for a year with Parwiz. I really had great workouts with him. He is very skilled and knows how to challenge in a proper way. Very good schedules and build up. Besides all the professional knowlegde he is a nice person for good chats and conversations. Would really recommend him as a PT."


"Very constructive and supportive coach. Appreciate the openness and its honesty regarding the gains and possibilities.
Always easy to reach and flexible. Particularly useful if you have a dynamic and busy schedule.

He helped me especially with getting back on track and correcting my hold/stance and technique! Getting more stronger and stable 💪🏻

Would definitely recommend doing an introductory lesson!"


"Professional and experienced trainer. He always knows how to motivate you in and in a good and responsible way!"


"Very knowledgeable, patient and versatile coaching- really enjoy combining strength and cardio/boxing in 1 training!"


"I had an excellent experience with Parwiz Zafari's bench press clinic. The instructions were very informative, and I noticed immediate improvements in my bench press. Highly recommended!"


"Zafari personal training, took my standards to the next level. With tons of experience of wheightlifting, injury prevention and physical health, it helped me to achieved my goals. As an athlete, Zafari helped me for my next big step up on the stage. Absolutely class, awesome training. Great level of detail and goal reaching."


Be part of Team Zafari

... and build your strongest, biggest and healthiest physique yet. Get ready to learn and unlock your potential.

"I trained with Parwiz close to 4 months and have achieved results which I had not achieved in so many years - I am stronger, my endurance and performance are at an all time high. The program you built for me helped me to reduce weight, strengthen my core and enhanced my performance. Most important the schedule was tailored such that it was very enjoyable and I used to look forward to our sessions."


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