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I believe in a personalized approach. You will fill out a detailed intake form so I can get to know you. A good relationship between client and coach is very important for good results. For this reason you will receive my personal number for unlimited contact through WhatsApp only. You will check-in with me every week and receive feedback. We make sure to track progress so we can adjust the plan if necessary.

WhatsApp Contact

You will receive my personal number and can contact me any time. You own personal trainer in your back pocket.

Weekly check-in

Update your personal file and give me a visual and written update of how it is going. You will receive feedback within 24 hrs.

Unlimited Updates

Changes to your program, diet or posing can be done at any time but there needs to be a good reason for it.


Send me your technique videos and I can review them for you with your check-in. Lift heavy and safe.


Receive a personalized program designed for your goals. Track your progress and learn the ins and outs of training.


Nutrition plans vary from person to person. Counting macros is not always the best fit for everyone, so we customize this for you.

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All coaching is all-inclusive. However, when you are preparing for a bodybuilding show you will need posing instructions and more coaching, especially closer to peak week. See which type of online coaching fits your goal better:

Online Coaching

> Unlimited WhatsApp contact
> Weekly check-ins
> Feedback on technique videos
> Unlimited program updates
> Nutrition guidelines/plan
> Change your lifestyle
> 185,- EU per month (minimum 3 months)

Competition - Online Coaching

Everything from Online Coaching
+ Posing instructions and feedback
+ Off season building together
+ More check-ins approaching peak week
+ Daily contact 2/3 weeks out
+ Show day hourly check-ins
+ Show day instructions
205,- EU per month

Achieve your best natural physique

I am up for the challenge. What about you? Doing something like this is not easy and your mind will play tricks with you. However, it is absolutely NOT impossible. Let me know if and when you want to start down below.

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Get in touch and let us know how I can help. To sign up for online coaching write "Intake Online Coaching" in the subject and your goals in the message.


Do you also work with people who want to build muscle and lose weight (and not necessarily want to compete)?
Yes, you are very welcome to join the team.
Do you also do weekly check-in calls?
No. You will fill in your personal file and send me your update (both written and in visuals). If I need more information I will absolutely ask. After that I will prepare feedback for you and make changes to the plan if necessary. We might plan a few calls if you are preparing for a bodybuilding show and we are close to your competition.
How do I pay for online coaching?
In monthly payments. There is a minimum of 3 months with online coaching.
How does it work if I want to stop with online coaching?
There is a minimum of 3 months in the beginning. After those 3 months, your contract will automatically turn into a monthly flexible contract. This means you can cancel every month (with one month notice).
Do you also coach people in different timezones?
Yes. The weekly check-in process is designed so I can coach people from all over.
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