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    Bezuidenhoutseweg 61, 2594AC Den Haag


Mon - Fri : 7-12am & 5-8.30pm
Saturday: 8-11am


"I trained with Parwiz close to 4 months and have achieved results which I had not achieved in so many years - I am stronger, my endurance and performance are at an all time high. The program you built for me helped me to reduce weight, strengthen my core and enhanced my performance - most important the schedule was tailored such that it was very enjoyable and  I used to look forward to our sessions."


"Very constructive and supportive coach. Appreciate the openness and its honesty regarding the gains and possibilities.
Always easy to reach and flexible. Particularly useful if you have a dynamic and busy schedule.

He helped me especially with getting back on track and correcting my hold/stance and technique! Getting more stronger and stable 💪🏻

Would definitely recommend doing an introductory lesson!"


"I trained for a year with Parwiz. I really had great workouts with him. He is very skilled and knows how to challenge in a proper way. Very good schedules and build up. Besides all the professional knowledge he is a nice person for good chats and conversations. Would really recommend him as a PT."


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