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Get in touch and let us know how we can help. If you want to book your intake, please fill in the subject the type of coaching you prefer. For example "Online Coaching Intake" or "Personal Training Intake". Include your goals in the message.


Does Team Zafari Coaching also accept beginners?
Yes, we do! We welcome you with open arms, since we have a lot of value to give to you. It's going to be great and challenging as the same time!
How long do I minimally train with Team Zafari Coaching?
As a team, we do not believe and support 'quick fixes' and 'radical changes overnight'. For this reason we work a minimum of 3 months with you. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the place to be unfortunately. Working towards a competition requires more time, just keep that in mind.
How many times do I have contact with Coach Zafari?
During your training sessions, and via WhatsApp if you have any additional questions. If you request online coaching, this will be different. You will be able to choose between check ins through video calls or WhatsApp. Please fill out the contact form for more information (places are very limited).
Does Coach Zafari also prepare clients towards a natural bodybuilding show?
Yes, Coach Zafari can help you prep for your first show. However, this will have to be Natural Bodybuilding.
Can I also become a client if I do not want to do bodybuilding?
Yes, you can. There are many goals you can work towards. However, most clients are interested in building a strong (and big) natural physique.
Do you coach both men and women?
Yes! If you want to be coached by a woman, please check out Annemarie's coaching in the 'work with me' tab. Please fill in the contact form to ask further questions or to book your intake.
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