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It sounds cliche, I know, but it's true: "You are capable of so much!" I see it as my job to help you discover what your body and mind are capable of when you are consistent and work with a plan. Yes, you still need to do the work, I can not do that for you. But I'll be there to guide, inform, instruct, coach, give honest feedback and hold you accountable when you need it. However: "You need to WANT it".


Learn about exercise technique, avoid all the training myths and push yourself in a safe environment. Building a strong physique (and 'toning' your body) requires a lot of muscle mass, so don't shy away from weight training. You'll receive a personalized program and we will work together in the gym to make sure you get everything out of it.


The food we eat have a big influence on how we feel and our body composition. During our personal training sessions we will discuss your challenges and wins when it comes to nutrition. I prefer coaching you towards great nutrition habits instead of giving you a detailed (by the gram) schedule. This way you learn a lot more.

Lifestyle optimalisation

Sleep, recovery, your menstrual cycle, daily habits, hydration, supplements, stress management and more. It all has influence on performance and quality of life. Together we will find the 'leaks' and work towards a lifestyle that supports the body composition you feel great in and the mental state you want to experience more often.

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"I wasn't feeling very confident within my own body and wanted to change that. My goal was to build more muscle mass. Annemarie really helped me achieve this goal. It is very cool to see that I am a lot stronger now, which definitely boosts my confidence. I went from a 40 kg to a 107.5 kg deadlift in 5 months! I never thought I could be that strong."


Personal Training

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"After being ill a lot in a short period of time, Annemarie helped me get fit and strong again. Although I have always exercised a lot, personal training was new to me and I had little knowledge of working with weights. Annemarie has taught me many new things and I have come to not only appreciate but also really enjoy weight training. Annemarie took care of that with her technical knowledge and enthusiasm! Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and ensure that you enjoy the training and get the most out of it. I recommend Zafari Coaching because they really look at what you need and what makes you tick, both in coaching and the combination/variation of exercises and their intensity."


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"Are you ready to start this journey? Apply down below by mentioning 'intake personal training Annemarie' OR 'intake online coaching Annemarie' in the subject line. I will get back to you within 48 hours to plan a free intake with you."

"A few months ago I decided to go to the gym to train. But where do you start? That's why I started training with Annemarie. She helped me improve my technique and have more confidence, so goal achieved for me. She can motivate you very well and she has a lot of fun in what she does!"


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